The Saxophone Quartet

four sounding like five or more…
buoyant and uplifting,
deep, poignant, organic

and filling in the gaps with
sound and fury, lightness and breath,

combinations changing,
leads out front tumble to second,

third or fourth place -
notes akimbo, stacked wildly

from front to back, top to bottom,
breath rising, swirling, twisting,

dancing, twirling, leaping,
tip-toeing over red hot coals,

throwing caution to the hot wind,
why? because we all can and should!

lend them your ears and
open minds and cast yourself

into this beautiful, bountiful
musical collaboration,

no need to fill in the blanks…

it’s the in-betweens that matter,

and, if you look, you will find me
lurking in the folds,

ears turned out and eyes closed,
thankful the search shows no sign of letting up…

glorious, bright moments bursting
and bouncing with fullness and joy.

when is 2+2 more than the sum of it’s parts?
listen, and here you will hear.

four sounding like five or more…

 - jeff coffin

Dave Matthews Band
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
eff Coffin Mutet

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